Social Security Disability Law Firm EugeneSocial Security Disability Law Firm Eugene

Social Security Disability benefits are excellent for people who qualify for them. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that the qualification process is tricky. To qualify for SSD, you have to earn a specific amount of wages that translate into points. If you have not earned enough points, then you will not qualify for the benefits. If you have earned enough points, then you must proceed to the next stage of qualification, which is your disability status. Qualification gets tricky at this point. Therefore, you may need a Social Security Disability law firm Eugene to persuade the SSA to pay you.

What Qualifies as a Disability?
A disability is a condition that incapacitates you and prevents you from working. An enormous list of qualifying disabilities exists. However, a doctor must predict that a disability will last at least 12 months before you can qualify for SSD. An impending death prediction will qualify you for SSD, as well. Examples of disabilities that may qualify are vasculitis, congenital heart disease, and schizophrenia. Denials sometimes occur because of insufficient documentation or recovery periods. However, a Social Security Disability law firm Eugene can bring all the proper paperwork together for a case.

What Happens if You Are Denied SSD?
The SSA may deny disability benefits the first time you file. Hiring an attorney to file the initial paperwork decreases the chances of that happening. If you filed your claim alone and received a denial, you still have time to involve the disability experts. If your doctor has diagnosed you with a legitimate illness and recommended that you stay home, then a savvy firm can get your claim approved. You do not deserve to struggle to pay bills while you suffer from an illness or injury. Allow the best firm in Eugene to cater to your needs.

Cary Wing Edmonson, PC has been practicing law for several decades. The firm brings results to the people who need them the most. Its expertise is in Social Security Disability claims, Workers’ Compensation claims, and personal injury claims. The attorneys are on your side, and they want to see you live comfortably.

You can contact a dedicated attorney at 1-800-624-4406. Alternatively, you can complete an online case evaluation form that explains your needs. An empathetic team member will contact you and listen to your concerns and then your attorney can begin the quest for your monetary justice.

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