Roseburg Oregon Workers Compensation AttorneyIf you are looking to file a workers compensation claim, it is very important that you hire the best Roseburg Oregon workers compensation attorney. It is important to know that there are simply no short cut approaches to filing a workers compensation claim. Although some injured workers do return to their job, and other workers’ simply cannot handle the duties that they once performed and require training for a different career path. Tragically, many workers’ suffer a permanent disability.

Your Roseburg Oregon workers compensation attorney wants you to know that you are covered to receive benefits from workers’ compensation from the first moment you step on the job, and your benefits for a claim can last for your lifetime.  Your attorney can assure that you will receive medical treatment wherever you live, even if you move away from the state of Oregon. If you are seriously disabled, you may qualify for retraining to enter a new career. While you are off work recovering from an accident or illness.

We are your Roseburg Oregon workers compensation attorney, and we can make sure that you are receiving compensation for lost wages – tax-free – and when your medical condition stabilizes, you may be entitled to permanent disability compensation.  Our staff at Cary Wing Edmunson can answer your questions about filing a claim and obtaining benefits for workers’ compensation no matter how serious your claim may be.

Although most of our cases come from individuals in the counties of Lane, Linn, Benton, Douglas and the Central Coast counties, we selectively accept cases throughout Oregon.

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