Personal Injury Lawyer EugenePersonal Injury Lawyer Eugene
A wide variety of questions can come about when you’re the victim in an accident. You may be wondering how you will survive with such a small insurance payout. You may want to know how you will put back the pieces of your life in terms of working and paying the bills. A personal injury lawyer can help you to find your way out of the chaos of an accident and injury. This person can educate you and side with you in a number of personal injury cases.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
While it is true that many insurance companies pay insured members’ claims, it is also true that the funds are not enough in most cases. What if your automobile accident costs you $100,000 in medical bills? The insurance company’s mere $15,000 donation is not enough. A personal injury lawyer Eugene can help to bridge the gap between what you receive from the insurance company and what you truly deserve. A personal injury lawyer is a master at detecting negligence and making reckless parties pay for their mistakes.

Slip and Fall Occurrences
A slip and fall occurrence is both embarrassing and painful. Your pride might be hurt along with your neck, back, arm or leg(s). More than 95 percent of slips happen because some party ignores safety procedures or fails to monitor the area. Slip and fall occurrences happen in businesses, hospitals, restaurants, and even in residential homes. A negligent party might be an employee, a store owner, a corporation, or your next-door neighbor. A personal injury lawyer Eugene can help to reclaim some of your pride and cover your medical expenses. Slip and fall cases are eligible for out-of-court negotiation, meaning your lawyer may persuade the other party to settle.

Product Liability
Were you injured because of a faulty product? Personal injury attorneys can help in this area, as well. Every manufacturer is responsible for the safety of its consumers. Automobile manufacturers, toy companies, beauty product manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies have the same obligation. If you were unaware of a product’s risks when you used it, then you may be eligible for compensation for an injury. If the manufacturer failed to correct the problem, then other people may be eligible for compensation, as well.

Cary Wing Edmonson, PC can recover your lost wages, medical expenses, and living expenses. The firm can also fight to get you coverage for your pain and suffering. Ask for help by calling 1-800-624-4406.

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