Personal Injury Lawyer Eugene OregonThe law offices of Cary Wing Edmunson is a premier personal injury lawyer Eugene Oregon and throughout the state of Oregon. We have successfully litigated serious personal injury cases of all types. We specialize in the representation of individuals and families who have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another individual or group of individuals.

Our professional team has fought through some of the toughest personal injury cases and has still come out on top. Let our personal injury lawyer Eugene Oregon with their litigating, negotiating and professional experience help you recoup the monies needed in regards to your specific injury case.  We want the person responsible for your suffering to be ultimately responsible for helping you throughout your recovery process.

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Although most of our cases come from individuals in the counties of Lane, Linn, Benton, Douglas and the Central Coast counties, we selectively accept cases throughout Oregon.

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