Eugene Accident AttorneysWhy Auto Accidents are Personal Injuries
Automobile accidents occur because of three main elements: faulty equipment, driver negligence and natural disaster. You are eligible for compensation if your accident was caused by either of the first two elements. Consider speaking with our Eugene accident attorneys if you have not yet done such. It is highly likely that another party is responsible for your current injuries. The attorneys can ensure that the guilty party lives up to its responsibilities. A lump-sum settlement may be coming your way if you are a victim of negligence.

Faulty Equipment
When and if your accident was caused by faulty brakes, steering columns, or any other manufactured part, then you may be entitled to restitution from the automobile manufacturer. An attorney would have to review your warranty, maintenance manual, and length of ownership. He or she might also search for any previously announced recalls. An automobile manufacturer is responsible for making safe vehicles. A new vehicle should not have faulty braking systems or steering columns. Therefore, you could be eligible for a personal injury claim if your vehicle caused a crash. You can hold the manufacturer responsible for defective airbags and seatbelts, as well.

Driver Negligence
Driver negligence comes in many forms. Some examples of negligence are drunk driving, distracted driving, obstructed driving, and disrespect for traffic rules. A person who deliberately runs a red light and smashes into another vehicle is obviously guilty of negligence. A person who mounts a house-load of furniture to the rear of a vehicle and blocks the mirrors is negligent as well. A text-and-talk driver is guilty of negligence when he or she intentionally dedicates brain cells to an activity other than driving. Eugene accident attorneys can make sense of your accident. They can figure out who the culprit is and demand that person compensate you.

The Funds That You Need
Eugene accident attorneys understand that you need more than the minimum insurance payout to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. Cary Wing Edmunson, PC is a Eugene law firm that can get the job done. The firm will pursue compensatory and punitive damages for an accident in which you have been injured. Attorneys will protect your rights in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, truck collision, pedestrian accident and more. In fact, Cary Wing Edmunson, PC covers most accident cases. Find out about the free case evaluation and contingency representation by calling 1-800-624-4406.

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