Eugene Oregon Social Security Disability BenefitsAccidents happen every day and these accidents lead to the serious injury of thousands of people and sometimes also lead to the death of a person. If you or someone you know is seriously injured in a vehicle accident or a serious injury accident due to another individuals reckless driving and/or negligence, you are entitled to compensation. This financial compensation will help cover any medical expenses, the loss of wages, and the pain and suffering you are facing. Financial compensation may also enable you to continue covering your everyday living expenses while you are recovering from the serious accident.

Remember, that the best way to maximize your recovery financially is by meeting and speaking with an Albany Oregon accident attorney, at the legal firm of Cary Wing Edmunson.

Hiring an experienced Albany Oregon accident attorney that will take the proper steps needed after the accident is critical. Proper legal steps are necessary in order for you to receive full compensation and recovery for items such as; loss of personal property, and individual’s health, time and sometimes life. Any time that you or someone you may know is injured in an accident; this individual will be overwhelmed with the proper legal paperwork and proceedings that are involved and most definitely inconvenienced. With an experienced Albany Oregon accident attorney on your side, there is always a solution.

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Although most of our cases come from individuals in the counties of Lane, Linn, Benton, Douglas and the Central Coast counties, we selectively accept cases throughout Oregon.

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