Accident Attorney Eugene OrCar accidents happen every day in Oregon and these accidents injure and kill hundreds of people. If you, a loved one or someone you know is injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to full compensation. This financial compensation can help cover the medical bills, lost wages, and also pain and suffering.

The best way to maximize your recovery is by speaking with a qualified and professional accident attorney Eugene OR, at the law offices of Cary Wing Edmunson.

Working with our professional staff and an experienced accident attorney Eugene OR, who is always by your side through this difficult time is important to the results of your case. We will guide you on the proper steps that you must take after the accident. By following our professional advice and taking the proper steps required in order to receive compensation and recovery you will receive the maximum in compensation.

With our experienced accident attorney Eugene OR by your side, there is always a solution during this difficult time. Call us now; your initial consultation is FREE.

Although most of our cases come from individuals in the counties of Lane, Linn, Benton, Douglas and the Central Coast counties, we selectively accept cases throughout Oregon.

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