office-exteriorOur law firm, Cary Wing Edmunson, was established in Eugene, Oregon several decades ago. Our litigation practice concentrates on personal injury, wrongful death, work related disability and Social Security disability cases.

  • Cary Wing Edmunson, handles Social Security disability cases for those who are disabled from working at any job on a regular basis for an extended time. We are experienced working with Social Security claims and the requirements needed.
  • We handle workers’ compensation injury and disability claims due to accidents or due to exposures to repetitive tasks, chemicals, noise, and other injurious environments.
  • We handle serious injury and death cases caused by automobile and truck collisions, auto accidents, defective products, products liability, medical malpractice, slip and fall cases, medical negligence, and “third-party” cases arising out of injuries occurring on the job.

attorneysThe Nature of Our Practice

The nature of our law practice enables us to pursue a broad range of legal claims for personal injury and disability including Social Security disability that should be asserted on behalf of injured and disabled individuals. For example, we may pursue a personal injury third party action and a workers’ compensation claim (workers’ comp) for the same individual, and, if there is extended severe disability, we may pursue a Social Security disability claim for the same individual, and perform all of the legal work all from within one law firm.

We take time to listen to you and to get to know what you are going through. This enables us to develop a plan to go after the best result for each client we represent.

Although most of our cases come from individuals in the Willamette Valley – Eugene, the Roseburg area, and the Central Coast, we selectively accept cases throughout Oregon.

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